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Pensions and Retirement

Some people want to travel the world or take up a new hobby when they retire. Others see it as a perfect opportunity to spend more time enjoying their family or starting their own business. Should retirement be a long way off or just around the corner, Ambrose Clayton can help you achieve the retirement you want and deserve.

It is one of the biggest life changes you will face so it is vital that you prepare for it properly- the further in advance you start planning for it, the more you improve your chances of achieving the retirement you want. In the past few years new legislation, tax treatments and reductions in the lifetime and annual allowances have made pensions an increasingly complex area, and getting the right guidance is crucial.

Part of the skill of our professional pension advisers lies in being able to identify which aspects of the current regime will be of most use when it comes to building up your pension pot. Knowing how to shield our clients’ hard-earned retirement savings from unnecessary tax – both when drawing pension benefits and when it comes time to pass along your pension pot to the next generation – is equally important.

Our first question to you will be “Where are you now? followed by “Where do you want to be?”. After we have listened to your unique situation, we will be able to answer questions like, “What level of reliable, stable income can I realistically expect my savings and investments to produce?”. We will provide lifestyle and cash flow modelling to identify shortfalls, so we can cut a clear path to achieving your retirement objectives.

At all stages, Ambrose Clayton can advise on:

  • IHT exempt or IHT efficient investment and tax wrappers
  • Asset allocation
  • Personal, SIPP, Company SSAS and DB SSAS pensions
  • Pension, Lifetime and Annual allowance
  • Cashflow modelling
  • Risk mapping and profiling
  • Defined Benefit and Money Purchase analysis
  • Income & Flexi-access drawdown
  • Annuity purchase
  • Death benefits and Inheritance Tax Planning


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